What to Do When Your Key Says Do Not Duplicate

There is nothing more frustrating than being locked outside your premises because you lost your key. You may be forced to sleep outside, break your gates and windows and waste a lot of time in the process. To avoid all the hassle, it is important that you duplicate your key in advance so that you can always find entry into your premises at all times.

The best key duplication isn’t done at a drugstore – it’s done by a residential locksmith in Charlotte. The professionals will easily use their skills and machines to cut a duplicate of the original key, a service that takes a very short time. It is also affordable.

You Can Duplicate All Types of Keys

Probably you are wondering about the keys that are marked “do not duplicate?” Well, there is a way out. If you bought the key from a locksmith, you will be required to go to the same company and ask them for new keys. They will use code machines to come up with new keys.

There are some keys that are indicated to be restricted- which means that you cannot duplicate them, yet they are unrestricted. It is therefore important to verify whether a key can be duplicated or not. A good locksmith will help to differentiate between such keys.

A restricted key does not look like the ordinary key. It either has two rows of cuts or dimples cut. It is also very difficult to find a key with the similar side millings. Locksmiths will take a very short time to identify such keys. Note that once a locksmith comes up with a new key, from the restricted key, it is possible for you to duplicate it as many times as possible.

There are unrestricted keys that require you to remove the words stamped on the head before you duplicate them. The locksmith may choose to ignore the words whenever possible. However, they have the option of removing the words by covering them with an electrical tape, covering the key’s head or even grinding the words.

Policies on the Restricted Keys

There are some laws that govern duplication of restricted keys. You may be penalized because of receiving the duplication services. Therefore, much as there is hope in receiving these services, it is advisable that you avoid buying such keys. You may want to ask the vendors selling you some keys to give you the details on whether a key is restricted or not. Alternatively, you may want to go for the restricted keys that are sold to you in a bunch of three or more.

Find the Best Services

It is not just every residential locksmith in Charlotte who can offer duplication of restricted keys. Only skilled and experienced services providers will offer you satisfactory services. Professionals can easily differentiate between restricted keys and the unrestricted ones. They also have the machines to enable for duplication of all types of keys. Be sure to find a truly qualified locksmith any time you need key duplication.

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